1st Century Radical … the shadowy origins of the man who became known as Jesus Christ by Michael Calum Jacques.

Louise Priest - BBC NORFOLK. UK.

"Jesus Christ was a first century political revolutionary, who led an armed band of insurgents around a power base of sympathisers" is the view ... READ MORE

The first review, by Peter Harris, BA CELTA British Education Executive

"Michael Calum Jacques has successfully managed to place Yeshua-bar-Yosef in a historical perspective as a contemporary nationalistic hero and radical teacher - one entitled to be called Messiah by the Jewish masses.
We have rarely considered this aspect of the person we now call Jesus Christ, Son of God. The paradigms are pushed out and I found the immense transformation of Yeshua-bar-Yosef, from historical brigand to Jesus Christ, Saviour and Son of God, fascinating, only enhancing my own deeply held Christian beliefs.

I have always been quizzical about what was lost in translation in the Bible and what the spin-doctors of the first and second centuries edited out ... even the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic, which is powerful and beautifully written, varies drastically from our own modern day version in English.

Many would agree that Jesus was posthumously recreated but there will always be an argument as to what degree.

Michael Calum Jacques is able to dig beneath the surface with his linguistic knowledge and give a clear, historical insight into the actual life and times of Yeshua-bar-Yosef. 1st Century Radical will appeal both to the academic and the layman. It is a profound, challenging work."

Peter Harris - BA CELTA

“… I am sure it will be a blockbuster since this is a very hot topic in the publishing world today… I believe that this book will generate many interview and review opportunities (a publicist’s dream job!) … “ 
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