Michael Calum Jacques

Pirate radio broadcaster, academic, professional rock musician, boardgame inventor, published poet and night-club owner, Mike MacKinnon was even arrested and detained behind the Iron Curtain, peculiarly close to the twilight of the Cold War era. He still visits notable and influential figures in ‘eastern’ Europe, Russia, and beyond. With impeccable academic qualifications and driven by a life-long interest (which he himself readily admits to bordering on the obsessive) Mike MacKinnon – writing here under his own ‘real’ name of Michael Calum Jacques – has produced an original study of immeasurable importance and moment (and I’m not given to using such terms lightly). 1st Century Radical... will not only affect those Christians who are courageous enough to seek ‘accuracy’ in their identification of the object and founder of their faith, but it will also materially affect the wider World’s perspective on, to quote another writer, “the most important person ever to have lived.”

Mark Russo

Until quite recently, when Mike was offered the Directorship of the Diana Princess Of Wales International Study Centre, Mark Russo was Mike’s entertainment agent.